Goodbye, Christopher Robin

Original movies make me astonished and fascinate every time I watch them. They are worth watching at least because of an interesting experience. Suddenly, the actor you familiar with begins to speak in the manner you did not expect at all, and you come to realize that they can sound absolutely different comparing with the version after dubbing. So that it turns out that Margot Robby’s voice is gruffer in real life, and Donald Gleason’s speech is a bit unclear/hard to understand. Which is, of course, can be a part of the movie character.

Goodbye, Christopher Robin movie is neither about a war or a soldier living his life after it nor about the author or his works. It is a movie about everything at once—about relationships between parent and child, about father and son, about growing up.

’My childhood was wonderful. It was growing up that was hard.’—says the main character, a boy from well-known books, and that is how the movie can be described in one sentence. Goodbye, Christopher Robin invites to warmly refresh in mind childhood memories and reminds us of how easy it is sometimes to grow up too fast.

A great story with a full immersion, which I highly recommend.